Snow? Here?

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So I wake up yesterday to a Tweet from a local weather enthusiast, with a link to a picture of a snowfall total map for this area. 10-12 inches we were slotted for.

Yeah, right!

The last time we had a really big snow deal was the Blizzard of 1996 where I remember getting about 4 inches of snow. I remember going out and measuring it with my little purple plastic school ruler. It was exciting. I had a blast playing in the snow out in our massive front yard. Snowmen families were created (and destroyed), snow boulders were strategically created. Though the best memory of playing in the snow that year was writing out the entire first verse of Alanis Morissette's "All I Really Want" in the snow in the middle of the yard. I was a huge fan and had just got the album a couple weeks prior. Scoring that album as a 7th grader was MASSIVE as the album was SO risque and controversial ;)

I also recall sitting at this same spot (different desk however) looking out the window in front of me at the snow, hoping school would cancel that Monday. School wound up being cancelled or late for a few days that week. You would have thought that all that time out of school would have given me plenty of time to finish a huge science project I had going. We had to make our own National Geographic type magazine on the planets. A LOT of writing was required. I was not keen on it at all. So, it was slapped together at the last minute and I got a crappy grade. Ah well, there was no Google then. *sigh* =)

I am very curious to see how this weekends storm pans out. Like '96 its a weekend storm. Maybe it will be "Blizzard of 1996 - The Resurrection" =)


Am I even inspired?

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I am just sitting here wanting to do something creative. I have ideas for writing but I cannot decide..well, let me say "WE" cannot decide anything. My alters and I.

Lately there has been a lot of ill communication and unrest which leads to nights like this where making descisions just don't really happen. I hate it. The others just are kinda like "wtf dude this sucks" and therefore everyone has been rather quiet.

One would think that when you have DID you would WANT all to be "quiet" but in OUR world, quiet is unsettling. Unsettling in the fact that we go totally emotionless and find something neutral to do. Work mode. I may post here some of the things that we write about stuff, like the writing explaining said "work mode"

One thing in work mode that sucks.. INTERRUPTIONS.

As I write, I receive a PM on my other computer from a close friend... like... no.

And I WONDER WHY at times I just wanna start shooting ppl at point blank range at this time of the night :P

The PM however is okay and not a big deal cause this is just a free form blog entry. Free for all! Yay!

I feel pretty decent about the day though so I plan on trying to keep things decent and (the PM was just an address) relaxing with little stress. It seems that I can do that fairly safely. The first thing in doing that is getting up, refilling soda and getting a cig. We will write more later and maybe post some other writings on here as well. The alters are not sure how they feel about publically posting some of the things we write but it may help others understand us and whatnot.

Blah blah blah I am SO done now. =)



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Gah, I am so frustrated! I clicked around new themes for the blogs. This one is kinda stuck. There is apparently no way to change it. I hate this one! Dammit for me trying to be adventurous. I have checked all over the place and cannot find anything to do about it. Oh well. I will get over it.


Spreading holiday cheer!

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Christmas cards are probably one of the most unsanitary traditions..

I am sitting here writing cards out and noted how horribly flimsy and cheap the envelopes are for these dollar store cards. You can see through them. So, I licked the envelope and shut it..only to find it barely stuck. So, I had to carefully lift up the parts that did not stick and re-lick them.

"Ew, my saliva is all over the edge of this seal, not once but twice!" I thought silently.

I would be interested in seeing a study of random card envelopes this holiday season. All this hype of h1n1 and regular seasonal flu makes you wonder what kind of "holiday cheer" we are REALLY spreading. It *is* the season of giving, so why NOT just give that extra gift that keeps on giving. Pumpkin pie anyone? :P


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Going to start writing in here more often. Cannot seem to get the theme up at all. There is an error, so I am waiting on a reply concerning that.

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