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Premiere of the Inner Mind

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Leinad [Visitor]
Perhaps the question shouldn't be "Who am I?"
I believe that if you ask yourself "Who do I want to be?" you may determine an answer to the riddle that is your mind. We as humans define ourselves, we do not come out of the womb with knowledge of who we are.

You write beautifully Alleine.

Best wishes,
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Kyle [Visitor]
iI read through your story and i found it both sad and heartwarming.Im sorry to hear what happened to your hampsters, i know how much and importance animals are in our lives and its even harder to say goodbye to them.
I think the fact that your able to bring one of dogs(is it toby?) to college is great!:)

well i myself have been hospitalized once and I had abad feeling about it in the beggning but as i stayed there a couple of days i found that everyone was really inviting and just like me

well i hope you feel better soon your in my prays BYE
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