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01 October 2008

Magic: turn anxiety into anger

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Published on October 1st, 2008 @ 11:53:32 am, using 142 words, 5408 views
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Therapy has continued every week since I last posted. Due to the fact these appointments have been aimed at consolidating all that has been written in this blog, there has not been a need to write on a weekly basis.

The upshot of today's therapy was that in those times of extreme anxiety, and where I feel I cannot achieve something (or even anything), I need to remember why I'm like this and to get angry about it. I need to channel this anger towards my abuser for making me feel as I do, and so to quash the anxiety that often cripples me. It is my abuser's fault I am as I am: get angry and get on with things, instead of cowering as a child.

A two week break from therapy now ensues due to my therapist being on vacation.

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