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26 March 2008


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I have been attending individual therapy for long term clinical depression and anxiety for approximately four weeks. As these weeks have passed it has become painfully clear that for this treatment to be of long term benefit, I need to make notes on what has transpired in each session – already I am finding that what occurred in previous weeks has receded into the unknown and now unreachable hollows of my mind.

So why write a blog? – Isn’t writing things down using pen and paper or in Word enough? My experiences of depression have taught me that some of the worst symptoms of this illness are lethargy and a lack of general motivation. I am hoping by owning this public journal I will feel enticed to write a quick weekly report on where therapy has led me; thereby creating a permanent record I can look back on in years to come to see the progress that I have (hopefully) made.

I don’t expect anyone to read what I write, and most of my entries I am sure will be written in an almost unintelligible note-like form. Selfishly perhaps, this blog is for my own benefit and is formed out of the desire to progress in life and finally exit the hell that depression has brought to every avenue of life.

Thank you to this site for hosting this blog and for allowing me the free expression I believe necessary to record my thoughts, feelings and outcomes of this new hope, this new therapy.

Attempting the Impossible

Personal recordings, musings and thoughts about therapy for clinical depression and anxiety.

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