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Nothing really matters, anyone can see...

What is truth? Turns out it doesn't matter, it's what people believe that is all that counts. You can tell people the truth over and over and still they do not hear you and believe as they will. I have looked into the past with open eyes and seen where so often the false accusations against me turned out to be the very actions of my accuser. So too is the present, they turn against me those who are doing what they charge me with. To look into the future now fills me with foreboding. I am left defenseless with no where to turn for solace. More walls need to be built yet I am bereft of materials for construction. All that seems left to me is a slow painful ending, being beaten down until I am actually in the ground. Does no one hear me, am I so odd that I can not be understood? Look into my heart and abandon hope all ye who enter here, see into my mind and despair of the enveloping void. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for me.


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