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See me, feel me, touch me.... heal me......

And so the darkness decends once again, closing my eyes to the light. My demons call to me, bidding me pay homage to the pain. Soon and soon shall they feast upon my flesh, cleaving my heart, clawing and ripping at my soul. In darkness I do battle with an enemy unseen and unclean. I draw strength from hate, powered by fear and sustained by remorse. Only the dead hear my cries, ghosts from the past with no recourse to action. Many many many are they to my one yet still they touch me not. Only the whispering voices come, urging me to join them. I strike out at the enveloping void but there is nothing there. The walls within me are strong but they will not hold forever. My twisted head and broken heart must yeild parts for even more interior walls, further closing the tomb within.

Lonely is the night, when you find yourself alone,
Your demons come to light and your mind is not your own.


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